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Edren is now Mobile-friendly ... more

Glasgow Bridges walk Sun 9th Oct ... more

Got PKD? New treatment becoming available ... more

50th islet cell transplant ... more

IV saline 1832-2013 ... more

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Edren is now Mobile-friendly

We've updated the look. The hamburger may hide the menus

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Glasgow Bridges walk Sun 9th Oct

All welcome to join us and many other kidney patients at this event:

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Got PKD? New treatment becoming available

Tolvaptan (Jinarc) is a new treatment for PKD that is being introduced in 2016.

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50th islet cell transplant

The islet team have done Edinburgh's 50th islet cell transplant for patients with diabetes!

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IV saline 1832-2013

Dr Thomas Latta of Leith invented IV saline therapy in 1832 during a cholera epidemic.  Now we're wondering, is there something better?

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Alport information day Sat Sept 7th, Edinburgh

We're holding an information day for patients and families affected by Alport's Syndrome in Edinburgh on Saturday September 7th.  More info here

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Transplant chain record

A chain of live donor transplants in the USA recently was the biggest ever.  All set off by one altruistic donor. He gave to someone, and their donor gave to someone else - 30 times over.   Read the whole story from the New York Times

Thanks to Paddy Gibson for spotting this. 

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Sea salt - it's just Salt, grade C

And it's still bad for you, in the amounts most of us eat.  There is no evidence for any extra benefits from sea salt, and it's very expensive.  BBC report of the 'Which' findings

Give a kidney, one's enough
A new charity just launched aims to encourage Altruistic Kidney Donors - people who donate a kidney just to help, without knowing the possible recipient. Read More
Edinburgh's hepatitis outbreak of 1970

40 years ago an outbreak of hepatitis in the Edinburgh renal unit killed 8 patients and 4 members of staff, and hepatitis affected over 30 people.  More info on the History of Nephrology blog

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Transplant 50th anniversary

On 30th October 1960, the UK's first successful kidney transplant was carried out in Edinburgh, between identical twins. 

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Organ Grinding Jazz at the Festival Aug 10-16

Keyboard player Maff Potts donated a kidney to saxophonist Andy Williamson: their group the Organ Grinders is appearing at 11pm at Ghillie Dhu each night from Aug 10-16th.  Info and tickets here

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Yachts round the world for transplantation

Patients and staff from Edinburgh are joining a round-the-world yacht race to support transplantation. 

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50th Anniversary of dialysis for ESRD

50 years ago in Seattle the first patient started dialysis with the deliberate intention of keeping him alive despite end stage renal failure.  More in the history of nephrology blog.

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Transplant across blood group barriers

Scotland's first transplant from a donor with what would previously have been considered to be blood group-incompatible was carried out last year.  Video clip from STV

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30th anniversary of the National Cooperative Dialysis Study

In March 1980 the results of the NCDS, the first multicentre randomised trial in dialysis became known. It was a landmark trial - and good and bad things came from it.

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Earthquakes and renal failure

Rhabdomyolysis was recognized in people trapped under collapsed buildings during WW2.  More from the history of nephrology blog.

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Welcome to New Edren
It's the look that's new, most of the content is the same.  Read More
Support for PDAs and other small-screen devices is developing - how does this look on your screen now? Read More
New-look website Nov 2009
The content is mostly the same, but we have transferred all our pages from the old server at to this one.   Read More


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