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Good Morning.  Edren was founded in 2000 and ... ( read more). 

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Page Stats

We receive 1-2000 visits per day with visitors viewing about 3 pages each on average.  Most visitors arrive from search engines.  Most hits - by a long way - are on the patient info pages, with Diet, CKD, nephrotic syndrome, proteinuria, coming up particularly high.  The duration per page is particularly high on these patient info pages, averaging 3-5 minutes on individual topics.  

Technical features

The website runs on the Website Baker Content Management System. The design was modified from the fruesteg template by Viennese web designer Chio Maisriml. Before this one we used 1024px by Andreas Viklund, quite a guy, try out his electronica too.  These are open-source resources, which means that you can have them for free too.  Or you can get someone else to set them up so that you can edit remotely and without the need for any great technical expertise of your own.

Technical history

Our pre-2010 website was simple html on our own server (more on history of edren on our About page).  We moved to using a database-driven content management system in 2009.  Permanent redirections from all 'old Edren' pages were put in place from December 2009, except for the History and one or two other pages that we're finally fixing. 

Can you help me set up a website like this?

We may be able to give some simple advice.


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