Essential for the growth and repair of body tissues

Protein-rich foods include: Meat, chicken, fish, eggs, cheese, yoghurts, nuts, pulses, meat substitutes (Note: some high protein foods contain high levels of phosphate and potassium)

Recommendation for protein varies according to stage of renal disease/ type of renal replacement therapy.

Pre dialysis/ Conservative Management
Controlled protein intake (0.8-1g/kg/IBW)

  • Helps to reduce phosphate load
  • Prevents acidosis
  • May reduce uraemic symptoms
  • But must maintain nutritional status
  • Use of low protein diets is controversial

Moderate protein requirements (1-1.2g/kg/IBW)

  • Haemodialysis is a catabolic process
  • Aim to replace protein lost during dialysis (~4g per session)

Peritoneal Dialysis
High protein requirements (1.1-1.5g/kg/IBW)

  • Average peritoneal losses of 5-15g protein per day
  • Increased losses in peritonitis