COVID-19 – service arrangements


This page details a few changes that have been made to local service delivery in Renal & Transplant Medicine in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.


How to arrange outpatient blood tests

What are the options for an outpatient blood test?

An outpatient blood test can be arranged through one of four routes:

  • in an outpatient clinic (OPD) during a routine or “bloods-only” appointment
  • possibly in General Practice (although note immense strain on GP services at present) *
  • through the Renal & Transplant Mobile Phlebotomy Service (MPS) **
  • through new community phlebotomy hubs (when these are up and running)

* GP bloods may be possible if this is through a prior arrangement (e.g. epo monitoring) or if specific agreement has been sought.  We should be mindful of the immense pressure currently faced by primary care and avoid requesting blood tests through the GP if at all possible.

** The mobile phlebotomy service is running until mid-July.


How do I arrange the blood test through the Mobile Phlebotomy Service?

This service will end in mid-July and routine referrals are no longer being taken.