Normal GFR is >90mls/min/1.73m2

eGFR is an estimate of GFR this using serum creatinine, age and sex. For patients of black African racial origin, this should be included too (but won’t be in reported values from laboratories). More info about eGFR from the UK CKD guidelines.

1.  I know the patient’s (or my) eGFR: choose one of these –

Normal or Stage 1 CKD
Normal or Stage 2 CKD
Stage 3 CKD
Stages 4+5 CKD
About CKD stages (this site) | About eGFR (UK CKD)

2.  I’d like to calculate eGFR from a serum creatinine valueclick for a calculator on the Renal Association website.

3.  More about eGFR and the stages of CKD click for further info about eGFR – small print, caveats, etc, from the UK CKD guidelines.