Planning for the future

A Renal Review for the Lothian region was set up by the Health Board (responsible for commissioning renal services) and the Trust (responsible for provision) in 1999. It was intended to set out requirements for the next 5-10 years. A report was presented in August/September 1999 and a further review is in progress in 2006. The 1999 report foresaw a need for a steady expansion of hospital-based haemodialysis. Funding for this plan was agreed following a close examination of outcomes achieved by the Unit. A short version of the report can be downloaded and a summary of the outcomes data is provided on-line.

An option appraisal during 2001 recommended provision of haemodialysis places for an extra 36 patients within Edinburgh by 2003-4, and 24 further places at a new satellite unit in West Lothian by 2004-5. Expansion of provision at the Borders General Hospital from 8 to 12 patients was also envisaged. This plan was approved by Lothian Health Board part of the plan on 30th January 2002.

The increase in patients needing hospital haemodialysis closely followed the 1999 predictions. We are now at the capacity of this extra space and option appraisals are again under way for provision of capacity over the next decade. The 9 haemodialysis stations at the Western General Hospital will also need to be relocated soon as they are in temporary space.

Download the short version of the 1999 Renal Review as a pdf file. If you would like to see the full report it can be obtained from us at renal@ed.ac.uk. You can also go to outcomes data.