K (Potassium)

Average intakes in the UK: – Men 84mmol/day -Women 66mmol/day

Restriction often required in renal patients for prevention and management of hyperkalaemia. Level of restriction based on treatment mode, dietary intake and biochemistry.

  • Aim approx 1mmol per kg/IBW (e.g. 5ft 8in male ~68mmol)
  • Often no restriction required in peritoneal dialysis
High Potassium Foods (more info on high potassium foods)

  • Milk
  • Potatoes and green vegetables (boiling reduces K+ content) , Potato crisps (Maize/corn better)
  • Fruit (limit all fruit, fruit juice, dried fruit) and nuts
  • Salt substitutes
  • AND unfortunately: milk chocolate, coffee, toffee, liquorice, wine, beer, cider. But spirits are low in K+.