The Edren textbook is aimed at those with some medical knowledge who need to know the essentials on renal topics. Some medical knowledge is assumed but each section is intended to provide a short introduction to the topic.
The first version was conceived by Neil Turner and developed with Amit Adlakha, and Paddy Gibson (nephrologist, medical student, and nephrologist) in Edinburgh, in 2003.  The content here is substantially rewritten and it may say at the foot of each page who the major author or latest editor is.

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Important – please note

Please note that although we have tried hard, we cannot guarantee that this material is free of mistakes, and opinions on best management may change with time, and in the presence of other factors. Be particularly cautious about accepting drug and dose recommendations, if you find any here.  There is a further disclaimer at the foot of every page – we mean it.  Please let us know if you think we’ve got something seriously wrong.

We regret that we cannot provide guidance on individual cases.