The SESKPA is the patients’ association for renal patients in Edinburgh, Lothian and the Borders. The National Kidney Federation (UK) can put you in touch with local UK kidney associations.

There are two major UK charities for kidney disease.

  • Kidney Care UK focuses on patient support and information
  • Kidney Research UK raises money for research into kidney disease, and campaigns about the importance of kidney disease and research into it. It provides additional information on a number of conditions too.

Nothing brings home the reality of renal failure as much as talking to people who are suffering from it. Almost as good is to read good written accounts from patients who have gone through it. Read patient accounts in our History section.

To see your own results, and info about your tests and condition online, see our Edinburgh PatientView page. If you have already joined PatientView, or if you are from another centre and would like to see how to link to it , go directly to