REACH (information for clinicans)

This page is directed to clinicians – please see also (and signpost patients towards) our patient-facing page.

Please refer any patients likely to need a kidney transplant in the next two years to REACH Transplant.  Referrals can be made via email message or copy clinic letter to

REACH Transplant Specialist Nurses will offer visits at home to patients with CKD who are at or approaching end stage.  We will discuss with them in detail, at their own pace, the impact of their CKD & the treatment options available to them in the future.  They will be encouraged to invite those close to them to attend so that they may have the opportunity to learn more & ask any questions they may have in person.

Whilst we will talk through dialysis options, the focus of our discussion will be on kidney transplantation from both living & deceased donors.  We will leave the patient with a REACH Transplant booklet, a Living Donor Information Pack & Health Check Questionnaire so that they may share the information with anyone interested in learning more.  We will also support patients by exploring ways of opening discussions about living donation with their friends & family.

It’s very easy to refer  If you have a patient with CKD who you think is likely to be a suitable candidate for transplantation, we are keen to hear about them.  Ideally, we would like to see patients early, when they are around 18 months to two years from needing RRT, to maximize their opportunity to achieve a pre-emptive LDKT, but we are happy to meet with patients at any stage of their journey.  You can ‘cc by email’ any clinic letters to or just drop us a message at the same address.


Who we are

Orla Hobson | REACH Transplant Project Lead


Alison Sharry | REACH Transplant Nurse Specialist | 07811 025604