We host staff handbooks on these pages:

These are predominantly for finding our unit protocols rather than information or learning.  If you're looking for more general information, see our edren info (about conditions and treatments), or for staff and students, our Education pages.


A word of warning about drug protocols (posted August 2022).  Historically, it was possible to find drug protocols / prescribing information in various sections of the Edren handbooks.  This was not ideal because there was the potential for us to post duplicate protocols inadvertently.  We have now tried to ensure that all drug protocols are hosted only on the Renal Drugs A-Z pages (and linked to from elsewhere in the handbooks).  Please double-check you are using the most current version of any drug protocols and if you spot any drug protocols hosted on Edren pages that are NOT within Renal Drugs A-Z then please let us know (robert.w.hunter@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk).