Basiliximab (Simulect)



  • 20mg given 2 hours prior to transplantation
  • 20mg given on day 4 post transplant

(The first dose must not be administered unless it is absolutely certain that the patient will receive the graft)


  1. 5ml water for injection (provided) should be added to the vial containing the Basiliximab powder
  2. Shake the vial gently to dissolve the powder
  3. The solution should be used immediately (it can be stored for 24hours in the fridge or 4 hours at room temperature)


There are two possible routes of administration:

  1. Intravenous bolus injection
  2. Intravenous infusion over 20-30 minutes. (Final volume of at least 50ml using sodium chloride 0.9% or dextrose 5%)


Basiliximab should not be mixed with other medicines/substances and should always be given through a separate infusion line.

Adverse Effects:

Severe acute hypersensitivity reactions have been observed both on initial exposure and re-exposure to basiliximab. These include anaphylactoid-type reactions. If severe hypersensitivity reaction occurs, therapy with basiliximab must be permanently discontinued and no further dose administered.

Side Effects:

Basiliximab does not appear to add to the background of side effects seen in organ transplantation patients as a consequence of their underlying disease and concurrent administration of immunosuppressants.