Editor’s handbook

The information on this page is for the Edren editorial team only.  It will not be useful for most visitors to the Edren site.


Prefer “Heading 3” for main headings.  Use anchor to link between pages.


Drug protocols

All drug protocols should be given once only in the Pharmacy Handbook (A>Z list).  If drugs are discussed elsewhere on the site, then should link back to this primary source.

Drug protocols are stored locally on the shared drive (S://Renal/Edren/Drug protocols).  These are under the primary ownership of the renal pharmacy team but can be accessed / edited by other members of the renal department.

Final versions are uploaded to Edren.  The preferred format is a Word document, using our standard departmental formatting template.  The footer should contain the following:

  • today’s date field (so that after downloading / printing it is clear that this may no longer be the most up-to-date protocol) – e.g. “Downloaded on 1st Jan 2020. This may now be out of date; please check www.edren.org for the most up to date protocol.”
  • written by (names and date)
  • reviewed by (names and date)
  • review date (at three years)