Recipient call up

Renal recipient coordinator performs the following tasks:

  • Contacts the patient.
  • Arranges transport for the patient and his/her notes to the renal transplant unit.
  • Alerts renal transplant unit and give details of patient and dialysis needs.
  • Alerts the renal registrar with the patient details.
  • Alerts Hospital at night to clerk patient or any other specific requests.
  • Alerts the tissue typist with the patient details.
  • It is the responsibility of the transplant coordinator to organise theatre, to inform the anaesthetist and on call theatre person to book the agreed timing for the operation.
  • It is the responsibility of the renal registrar/consultant nephrologist on call to ensure the chosen patient is adequately dialysed and medically fit prior to operation.
  • The on-call renal registrar or HAN also liaises with SNBTS staff regarding any transfusion requirements.

Fife, Dundee, Aberdeen and Inverness patient arrangements:

  • Transplant coordinator will discuss the patient with the surgeon and patient’s local Nephrologist. If the kidney is to be accepted, the transplant coordinator will also inform the RIE Consultant Nephrologist on-call.
  • Either the local nephrologist or transplant coordinator contacts the patient. The renal recipient transplant coordinator arranges transport of the patient to the RIE.
  • The transplant coordinator or local Nephrologist arranges for the patient’s notes to be sent to the transplant unit ASAP.
  • If the patient requires dialysis, this should be organised in Edinburgh.  The MRSA and virology status of the patient must be known.