Innovations and research

Innovations and research areas related to Renal Medicine or Transplantation in Edinburgh in the 1960s to 1990s

New inventions:

1961 Fluon arterio-venous shunt for repeated haemodialysis, by Mr I Sinclair, Mr M Henderson and Dr D Simpson (Sinclair et al, 1961)
1964 Regional heparinisation developed by Dr Howard Davies, haematologist at RIE

Main research areas:

site of action of diuretics (references 1- 3)
effects of potassium depletion on the kidney (reference 4)
acid-base disequilibrium in dialysed patients (reference 5)
treatment of minimal lesion glomerulonephritis with steroids (reference 6)
nature of protein in glomerulonephritis (references 7- 9)
nature of glomerular disease (references 10, 11)
fibrin-degradation products in patients with renal disease (reference 12)
aluminium-induced anaemia, aluminium-induced bone disease and other effects of aluminium in dialysis patients (references 13-17)
effects of nephrectomy on anaemia in patients with chronic renal disease (reference 18)
plasma exchange programme for treating severe renal disease (references 19-21)
prostaglandin levels during sodium chloride infusion (reference 22)
kallikrein-kinin and rennin-angiotensin systems in nephrotic syndrome (references 23-25)
other studies on prostaglandins and kallikrein (references 26-29)
peritoneal dialysis (references 30, 31)
development of the first successful recombinant vaccine against the hepatitis B virus (reference 32)
development of techniques for producing transgenic mice (reference 33)
tumour immunology (references 34, 35)
transplantation immunology, including the mode of action of anti-lymphocyte globulins (ALG), the aspect of immune response suppressed by ALG and the nature of ALG and application of ALG to human renal transplantation (references 36-39)
human renal transplantation (references 40-44)

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