• Uncomplicated patients are discharged day 6-7.
  • Aberdeen, Dundee and Inverness patients are transferred when stable as an in-patient to their local Renal Unit, usually 5-7 days post-operatively.
  • Patients may be discharged home or to an inpatient bed at the referring hospital. This should be agreed between discharging and receiving teams.

Transfer to Referring Renal Unit

  • Contact the centre before and on day of discharge.
  • A copy of the discharge letter (medical and nursing) with a computer printout of the biochemistry and haematology results should accompany patient on transfer and/or faxed to receiving unit. NO INFORMATION REGARDING THE DECEASED DONOR SHOULD BE INCLUDED IN THIS SUMMARY ACCOMPANYING THE PATIENT.
  • A patient transfer summary should also be completed and emailed to the parent unit. This document contains donor information in addition to operation details, radiology and pathology reports (see appendix).

Unit discharge form can be downloaded here (pdf)