The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

New Royal Infirmary, 1878

New Royal Infirmary, 2001

The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh was established in 1729. A more detailed history of the hospital is available from the University’s Faculty of Medicine pages; on this site is a more detailed history of kidney medicine in Edinburgh.

In 2003 the clinical services moved to sparkling new facilities in the New (fourth) Royal Infirmary at Little France (now named the Bioquarter region), to the South East of the city centre. This latest Royal Infirmary, pictured above opened in 2001.

We also run specialist renal clinics and outpatient haemodialysis units at

  • St John’s Hospital, Livingston
  • Western General Infirmary, Edinburgh
  • Borders General Hospital, Galashiels

Edinburgh: University map showing New Royal Infirmary at Bioquarter site (South East of city)