a) Blood Tests

    • phone laboratory to alert staff that sample is arriving.  All samples must be hand delivered to labs. 60-70 mls blood required and should be taken as soon as patient is admitted
    • *FBC
    • *U&E
    • *Baseline calcium/phosphorus/LFT’s (results available post-op)
    • *Clotting screen/INR (if on Warfarin)
    • *Blood Group and save
    • Tissue Typing (white clotted bottle for lymphocytotoxic antibodies, plus 5ml EDTA sample.)
    • Virology – CMV, HIV, Hep B + C (only if >1/12 since last test)
    • *Glucose
    • BM test on ward

*Blood results must be obtained urgently as patient may require dialysis prior to operation depending on this result.

Repeat U&Es are required 30 minutes following dialysis.

b) Chest X-ray
c) ECG
d) MSSUfor gram stain and subsequent culture
e) PD fluid – for WCC and gram stain / culture if appropriate